Iftar ceremony arranged at UNESCO

Iftar ceremony arranged at UNESCO

Azerbaijan`s Permanent Mission to UNESCO has arranged an iftar ceremony with the participation of candidate to UNESCO Director General`s post Polad Bulbuloglu.

Head of Azerbaijan`s Permanent Mission to UNESCO Anar Karimov said the month of Ramadan is the month of tolerance, peace and solidarity.

The Ambassador said Azerbaijan has turned into one of the fastest developing countries of the world in the last years. He noted Azerbaijan is historically tolerant country and spoke about the country`s role in intercultural dialogue. “Azerbaijan is a country, where representatives of different confessions and nations lived in peace,” he added. Mr. Karimov talked about what was done by the Azerbaijani government preserve and promote multiculturalism globally. He also provided an insight into “Baku process”.

Mr. Karimov said the Heydar Aliyev Foundation under the leadership of Azerbaijan`s First Vice-President Mehriban Aliyeva carried out a number of projects in several countries for preservation of religious and historical monuments.

Polad Bulbuloglu said all religions served to tolerance and dialogue, describing Azerbaijan as an example of co-existence of people of different religious and ethnic backgrounds. He said multiculturalism is an integral part of state policy of Azerbaijan. Polad Bulbuloglu noted ethnic and religious diversity is Azerbaijan`s national asset. “Azerbaijan`s model of multiculturalism is an example to the world.” He said that Azerbaijan has developed an exemplary model of multiculturalism, adding the country pays special attention to preservation and further development of historical and cultural heritage.

“UNESCO has an invaluable role in protecting the cultural heritage and intercultural dialogue. We need to support this Organization.” Polad Bulbuloglu said with his rich experience in the field of diplomacy and management, he will spare no efforts for reaching the aims of the Organization as if he would be elected the Director General of UNESCO. Jeyhun Rustamov highlighted living in peace and stability of representatives of various confessions in the country, adding various peoples of the region have historically enjoyed good-neighborliness, friendship and cooperation based on the robust tolerance traditions, mutual respect and trust.