21 February – is an International Mother Language Day

21 February – is an International Mother Language Day

21 February is celebrated as the International Mother Language Day all over the world. UNESCO announced the 21 February - International Mother Language Day at the initiative of Bangladesh Ambassador in November 1999. The International Mother Language Day is a reminder of the killing of 4 students who were fighting for the sake of recognizing their mother language as an official language in Bengal, Bangladesh, on February 21, 1952.

Language is the most important and powerful tool that preserves and develops the intangible and spiritual heritage of every nation. Everyone should know and preserve its mother language. The mother language plays an important role in enriching the spiritual world of a person, expanding his worldwide view, getting a perfect education, and communicating with his fellow countrymen. The mother language not only preserves the identity of the nation, but also helps to get acquainted with the cultural heritage of other people and communicate with them through translation.

The rise of the nations language to the status of the official state language is a historical event and the golden page of the history of every nation. This is a confirmation of a nation’s existence. The rise of the language to the status of the official state language proves the nation;s fate, the state’s power to build and preserve, as well as the richness of its language. In this sense, the status of language in the official state language is a proud historical event. The Azerbaijan language has experienced this historical event. Comprehensive development of mother language in our country and finding its way to the system of international relations are the result of the well-planned policy of National Leader Heydar Aliyev aimed at protecting our language.

The adoption of the Law on “State Language in the Republic of Azerbaijan” on September 30, 2002 was another step towards the use of the Azerbaijani language as a state language, its implementation, protection and development among the world Azerbaijanis. This Law is one of the bright examples of National Leader Heydar Aliyev;s love and care for our people and its language.

Today, these traditions are successfully continued by President Ilham Aliyev. The Decree of the Head of State dated January 12, 2004 On the implementation of mass-media publications in Azerbaijani language with Latin" and other works conducted in this direction are a sign of great care for the development of our language.

Preserving and developing our mother language is a sacred duty of every Azerbaijani.