UNESCO: If you want to change the world, change yourself first

I believe in slogan of UNESCO “If you want to change the world, change yourself first”. Each of us should spare no effort for development of society. And together with the interested sides – the state and private sector, we should try for long-term solutions and create new working mechanisms.


This was stated by Sevinj Aliyeva, co-founder of the “Video Knowledge” startup project at “The Internet and Jobs: preparing Gen YZ for future of work” session held on the margins of Internet Governance Forum at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.


Student of the Boğaziçi University of Turkey, Sevinj Aliyeva lectured on youth and occupancy problems in the South Caucasus, the importance of Internet and her “Video Knowledge” startup project. She in particular dealt with increasing competition in the world labor market, stated that the youth should respond to the requirements of this market.


This digital transformation entails deep evolutions, which are essential to analyze, to understand, and sometimes to control, with new methods of regulation that are mostly yet to be invented. However, these evolutions can also represent opportunities, which must be grasped.


These challenges can only be tackled on an international scale and in a multi-stakeholder perspective, associating States and local authorities, international organizations, companies, citizens, NGOs… What is at stake is to establish, or restore, the necessary confidence that should govern the relationship to digital technologies, including in the area of digital transformation of relations between states and citizens.


The “Reliable Internet” forum is a part of the “Paris Digital Week” Peace Forum held at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.


This is the aim of the Paris Digital Week: for the first time, major thinkers and actors of the digital transformation gathered in order to participate in a global discussion on all future and current digital issues.