The 125th anniversary of Ashig Shamshir was celebrated at UNESCO

The 7th session of the General Assembly of the States Parties to the Convention on the Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage was held in Paris, UNESCO Headquarters. UNESCO NGO Forum was held in the framework of the session, with the attendance of representatives of non-governmental organizations accredited to UNESCO.


The 125th anniversary of Ashig Shamshir was celebrated at UNESCO NGO Forum. Representative of the public union Fazil Gasimov gave detailed information about the literary heritage of “Ashig Shamshir” in the forum. Noting the exceptional role of folk music in preserving the national identity Fazil Gasimov said that this type of art has entered a new phase of development in our country with the inscription of Azerbaijan's Ashig art on the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage and Ashiq Shamshir Cultural Center Public Union’s consultant status in UNESCO.  


Fazil Gasimov also met with Tim Kurtis, head of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Secretariat. During the meeting, it was expressed that “Ashig Shamshir” Cultural Center Public Union’s cooperation with UNESCO would further expand with new projects. Fazil Gasimov presented a CD with 75 pieces of songs performed by Ashig Shamshir and saz instrument dedicated to the 125th anniversary of his birth.


It should be noted that the desk of the "Ashig Shamshir" Cultural Center Public Union was established in the building where the General Assembly meeting was held. Visitors were informed about the activities of the intangible cultural heritage of Azerbaijan, Ashig art and the activities of public unions.